ARIPO Design Tariffs

ARIPO Patents, Trademarks & Designs

ARIPO Patents, Trade Marks & Designs

ARIPO Design Tariffs

(from 1 January 2020)

Amounts quoted in USD($)

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1. Filing Application (excluding preparation of formal drawings)

1.1 Basic application fee 1250.00
1.2 Designation fee, per country designated 12.00
1.3 Subsequent lodgement of outstanding documents 250.00

2. Annual maintenance fees

2.1 Basic fee 200.00
2.2 Plus fees in respect of each designated state:
2.2.1 1st Anniversary 12.00
2.2.2 2ndAnniversary 15.00
2.2.3 3rd Anniversary 17.00
2.2.4 4thAnniversary 20.00
2.2.5 5thAnniversary 22.00
2.2.6 6thAnniversary 24.00
2.2.7 7thAnniversary 29.00
2.2.10 8thAnniversary 34.00
2.2.11 9thAnniversary 39.00

For each year thereafter an additional USD 60.00 per designated state is payable.
2.3 Surcharge for late payment of annual maintenance fees for 1st month 50.00

For each month thereafter 5.00

3. Costs after filing

3.1 Reporting of Official Action 250.00
3.2 Payment of Registration and Publication Fee 425.00
3.3 Receiving, checking, reporting and forwarding the Certificate of Registration by courier 275.00



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